We only need 25K more. Here is the best part. If We can raise $2,500.00 from other sources @Club1040 will match us with the same. So for every $1 you give is like you are giving $2. If we get this we will only need $25k more by February 1st. Do you want to make your mark this Christmas in the Middle East? We all do. We are NOT asking you to give a certain amount because we don’t have that in our heart. We are asking you to ask the Lord how much you should give. Then, together with your faith and obedience to the Lord we can do it.

We are trusting the Lord for 25k more for Max and Zoe’s tuition. Many of our friends have expressed how they can do this the easiest. Giving is as easy as sending a text! Text “TUITION” to (925) 526-7277. Learn more about how to give anytime from anywhere with a single text.